Java is here to stay - It's just that simple

Over the last few decades many computer languages have come and gone. New ones are constantly popping up promising tremendous improvements over the current programming languages. Over the last 20 years I have learned many languages, some of which I will never use again my lifetime. If you want to spend the time learning a programming language that isn't going to fall by the wayside, then taking the time to master Java is the right decision. Using an IDE is by far the fastest most efficient way to write your Java code. However, if you really want to master Java then crack open your favorite text editor and prepare to get familiar with using the javac compiler.

Java Tutorials

Java Object-Oriented Programming Tutorials

Raspberry Pi Programming Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to provide a solid understanding of the Java language. If you are just beginning then you will find these tutorials will help you learn the language from the ground up. Even if you are a seasoned Java veteran, these tutorials will provide you with a wealth of examples to expand your knowledge base.

JDK (Java SE Development Kit)

The JDK is the development environment for building applications, applets, and components using the Java programming language. You'll need to download and install the JDK from Oracle. Twitter

Choose your favorite text editor

Put your favorite IDE aside and gain a deeper understanding of java by using a simple text editor. Plain old notepad is my go-to editor of choice. Notepad++ is another fantastic editor for the Windows environment. TextEdit or BBEdit both work well on OSX. Vim is great when working with Linux.

Set a goal - become
OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Certified

The Oracle Certified Associate and the Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 programmer certifications are highly sought after. Even the most experienced Java programmers can benefit significantly by studying and passing these exams. Pass the OCA first, then raise the bar and ace the OCP exam.

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