Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Throughout the process of creating my Java tutorial series I’ve had numerous requests for a large project tutorial that would demonstrate many of the concepts that I’ve taught. So I came up with an idea … what better way to apply new Java skills than to control hardware using software? We are going to blink LEDs, control servos, use switches, and play around with a multitude of sensors.

Java ME (Micro Edition) Tutorials Description
Java & Raspberry Pi Introduction to Java ME Embedded and Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi Configurations Remote Desktop, Drive Mapping, Fresh Reinstall.
Install Java ME How to download, install, and configure Java ME.
Hello Pi!!! Our first program for Java ME - Hello Pi!!!.
Blinking LED Create, compile, and run a program that will blink an LED.
AMS Introduction Introduction to the Java ME Application Management System (AMS).
MIDlet Class Tutorial Learn about the Java ME MIDlet Class.
Pulse Width Modulation Intro PWM intro with an LED and a digital multimeter.

As I was creating the Java ME (Micro Edition) tutorials listed above, it became apparent to me that I needed to re-think my teaching strategy. The number of views started off strong, but quickly dropped as the series progressed into week two. I suspect the drop in views was due to the complicated nature of creating and running MIDlets. So I made the decision to put the ME series on the back-burner and create some more mainstream Java SE (Standard Edition) tutorials. Using Java SE we can control the hardware at a much higher level and we get results super quick and the programming process is way more simple.

Java SE (Standard Edition) Tutorials Description
Super Easy! Blinking LED A super simple Java SE program to Blink an LED
Blinking LED Explained Detailed explanation about everything in the tutorial above.
Hertz · Blinking LED Explaining Hertz using a blinking LED.
Oscilloscope · Blinking LED Watching blinking LED waveforms using an oscilloscope.
Super Easy! Servo Control A super simple Java SE program to control a servo.
Servo Control Explained Detailed explanation about the servo control.
Choosing the RC Vehicle Don't buy the wrong thing - just don't.
Portable Raspberry Pi How to make your Raspberry Pi Portable.
Servo Test & Installation Testing and configuring the steering servo.
Installing Java Native Interface (JNI) Its time to write to Java Native code!
JNI, C++, and pigpio Steering JNI, C++, and pigpio all come together!
Remote Control · Part 1 (Android) Raspberry Pi Server Socket · Android Remote Control.
Remote Control · Part 1 (iPhone) Raspberry Pi Server Socket · iPhone Remote Control.
JNI, C++, and pigpio Speed Control JNI, C++, and pigpio and the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
Remote Control · Part 2 (Android) Raspberry Pi Server Socket · Android Remote Control Part 2.
Remote Control · Part 2 (iPhone) Raspberry Pi Server Socket · iPhone Remote Control Part 2.
RC Land Cruiser Video Just a few video clips.

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